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Onlyoung™Collagen Jelly

Skin cosmetics and diet jelly by adding collagen and grenade based on Slim&Slim ingredient


Type of products

Collagen jelly for diet

Package unit

12g per pouch, 7 pouches per box

Benefits of using products

Maintaining beautiful body shape, Skin beauty, Healthy lipid metabolism, Cardiovascular health, Antioxidation

Country of origin 

Republic of Korea


Bionutrigen Co., Ltd

 Collagen jelly for diet

Onlyoung™Collagen Jelly


  • The proprietary formula for anti-obesity
  • Natural food type of ingredient extracted from vegetable, fruits and herbs that help maintaining beautiful body shape and skin
  • Advanced health bio well-being ingredients useful for beautiful body shape, cardiovascular health and diabetes metabolism


  • No side-effects with natural food type of substance
  • Help to maintain beautiful body shape and skin by improving lipid metabolism
  • Contain abundant bio-dietary fiber, antioxidant, tannin, catechin, polyphenol, bioflavonoid helpful for improving lipid metabolism

Intake method

  • When you need for weight control and skin beauty, pour 4-6g into 100ml water and drink twice or three times a day

Target customer

  • All men and women who want to benefit for beautiful body shape, skin beauty and metabolism


  • Received Gold medal at Seoul International Invention Fair, December 3, 2011
    : A Composition of plant extracts or powder for animal or human body weight reduction
  • Powder or extracts of plant leaves with anti-obesity effects and anti-obesity food comprising them. US Patent 7867525, January 11, 2011
  • Food for preventing fatness and hyperlipidemia. EP Patent 1855549, November 23, 2011


  • Export to Russian, U.S. army etc.