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Food ingredient for liver health


Type of products

Meal replacement for liver health

Package unit

35g per pouch, 5 pouches per box

Benefits of using products

Liver health(Beneficial for fatty liver), Anti-hangover, Fatigue recovery, Increasing energy, Skin health

Country of origin 

Republic of Korea


Bionutrigen Co., Ltd

 Meal replacement for liver health



  • JBB20 added meal replacement
  • Use JBB20, liver health food ingredient, developed by patent technology
  • Use JBB20 natural food type of ingredient extracted from vegetable, fruit and herbs
  • Contain abundant carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals from all kinds of grains and vegetable powder


  • No side-effects with natural food type of substance
  • Promote metabolism and contribute to liver health, fatigue recovery and physical reinvigoration
  • Beneficial for maintaining health of alcoholic fatty liver and non-alcoholic fatty liver
  • Contain abundant polyphenol, bioflavonoid, antioxidant, vitamin, minerals and bio-dietary fiber useful for boosting metabolism

Intake method

  • Once or twice a day, Pour a pouch (35g) into 200-250 ml milk. Shake and drink (take with nuts according to personal preference).

Target customer

  • All men and women who want to have a simple meal and improve liver health in busy life


  • Received Olympic Memorial medal at Taiwan International Invention show for "Alcohol Killer," October 1, 2005
    : Taiwan International Invention show Olympic Memorial medal for development of “Alcohol Killer” JBB20
  • Received silver medal at Taiwan International Invention show for "Alcohol Killer," October 1, 2005
    : The vegetable & fruit extract composition having excellent effect in control of alcoholic hangover
  • Received Gold medal at Seoul International Invention Fair, December 1, 2012
    : A Composition of plant extracts effective for reduction of alcoholic hangover
  • Patent Registration in South Korea: Composition for alcoholic anti-hangover plant extracts (Patent registration number: 0504351), July 20, 2005
    : A composition of plant extracts effective for reduction of alcoholic hangover. Korea Patent No. 0504351