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Wehayeah Plus™ (Drink)

Anti-hangover drink that adjusted taste and flavor fit to anti-hangover drink based on JBB20Plus


Type of products

Anti-hangover drink

Package unit

100ml per bottle 10 bottles per inbox, 5 inboxes per carton

Benefits of using products

Liver health, Anti-hangover, Fatigue recovery, Increasing energy, Skin health, Antioxidation

Country of origin 

Republic of Korea


Bionutrigen Co., Ltd

 Anti-hangover drink

Wehayeah Plus™ (Drink)


  • Use JBB20PLUS natural food type of ingredient for liver health extracted from vegetable, fruit and herbs
  • Use JBB20PLUS upgraded food ingredient for liver health developed by patent technology by adding fruits such as lemon, blueberry, cherry and apple into JBB20 health food ingredient and by increasing natural polyphenol and ultimately reinforcing antioxidized effects


  • No side-effects with natural food type of substance
  • Promote metabolism and contribute to liver health, fatigue recovery and physical reinvigoration
  • Contain abundant polyphenol, bioflavonoid, antioxidant, vitamin, minerals and bio-dietary fiber useful for boosting metabolism

Intake method

  • Drink if you need for anti-hangover and liver health

Target customer

  • All men and women who want to benefit for anti-hangover, fatigue recovery and liver health


  • Received Olympic Memorial medal at Taiwan International Invention show for "Alcohol Killer," October 1, 2005
    : Taiwan International Invention show Olympic Memorial medal for development of “Alcohol Killer” JBB20
  • Received silver medal at Taiwan International Invention show for "Alcohol Killer," October 1, 2005
    : The vegetable & fruit extract composition having excellent effect in control of alcoholic hangover
  • Received Gold medal at Seoul International Invention Fair, December 1, 2012
    : A Composition of plant extracts effective for reduction of alcoholic hangover
  • Patent Registration in South Korea: Composition for alcoholic anti-hangover plant extracts (Patent registration number: 0504351), July 20, 2005
    : A composition of plant extracts effective for reduction of alcoholic hangover. Korea Patent No. 0504351